Door and windows have been installed!  The custom fabricated front door, side door and vent windows of the West Workshop are in location and fully functional – all that’s missing is the glass for the openings.  The welded metal doors are attached to the concrete door frames with steel pins and will provide the highest level of security available in Comalapa.  The front door is designed for large materials to easily pass through as well bring more natural light in through the opening at the top.  The radial sun pattern will be echoed in the glass brick design above and we are hard at work getting that last opening sealed up.  A layer of rammed-earth was formed and packed this week that will support the glass-brick wall.  We are refining the design of the glass bottles but anticipate making the final placement decisions during installation.  While the guatemalan crew celebrates semana santa this week we will be putting those bottles in place! Now that there are lockable doors on the workshop we will be able to store more materials at that site as well as safely have lwh staff camp/live there.  Aaron, Ben and I inaugurated the first night sleeping at the school with a full moon.

232 glass bottles collected from bars, restaurants and the occasional lwh party were turned into 116 “glass bricks”  that will fill the half circle opening – seen in the photo below – created by the vaulted roof.  The glass bottles are cut using an angle grinder, rinsed and dried, and then attached with duct tape.  The bricks are sitting in boxes ready to be transported to the land and laid in place.  Finish work has steadily progressed – alisado (smooth finish stucco) in the East Workshop and Bodega, and a decorative mayan character which means mountain in the West Workshop.

Not only were we busy on the construction front, but we also got a lot of work done in the publicity department.  LWH entered the Utube video contest, thanks to the excellent video skills of volunters Sarah and Joe Crosby. You can read more about the contest here, and see the video here,  The contest winners should be announced April 1.

 Also, Israel Mota (our advising architect) and I put together a proposal to give a presentation about LWH’s experimental construction work at an architectural conference in Nicaragua. If chosen to present, we’ll travel to Managua to present about alternative construction and its potential to create sustainable development in central america (