With a chunk of the LWH construction crew working in the states and the in-country crew preparing for the BBC filming, June and July was a time for small projects at Escuela Técnico Maya.  Small in scale, but not in importance to the overall building process . . . top plate for the patio roof, bodega awnings, temporary patio roof, drainage swale, water-absorbing grass, roof waterproofing, recycling collection bins, electric cables buried, and bond beam. All in the middle of rainy season!

With these projects out of the way, the full team was ready to work on enclosing the recently built rooms and completing the transformation of tires and dirt to vocational workshops.

Meanwhile, the first permitted rammed-earth structure in Massachusetts was being erected at the home of Elizabeth Rose and Joe Hull.  The conventional wall system of the two-car garage was replaced with the same rammed-earth tire system used at the Escuela Técnio Maya in Comalapa.  The finished garage will match the style of the existing house and also include pre-fabricated wood trusses, stucco finishes and inlaid reclaimed glass bottles.  While not an official LWH project, the garage proved to be an exciting and educational endeavor for those involved, and will hopefully have a lasting impact on the sustainable building culture in Boston.

More about the garage: