The Vocational part of Escuela Técnico Maya is comprised of four talleres (workshops), three bodegas (store rooms) and one covered patio that will serve as an extension of the interior space.  Students will learn carpentry, welding, plumbing, masonry and alternative construction from practitioners in hands-on technical classes.  The four workshops are all roofed, as well as one of the three store rooms.  All walls are complete except for the two walls which will form the central bodega.

Two workshop roofs were built in August, moving the building much closer to completion.  The shin-shell concrete roofs take about four days to prep and about five hours to pour with a large crew!

Thin-shell concrete consists of small gravel, cement, sand and water. The formwork is created by metal mesh, rebar, and bent plywood sheets – supported from the inside by wood. Metal mesh is also cast into the concrete, along with the glass bottles. Small concrete spacers lift the metal mesh off the plywood to ensure it is cast in the middle of the concrete. The glass bottles are tied into the metal mesh with tie wire to ensure they make a tight connection with the plywood, and no concrete can get underneath. Electrical conduit is also laid into the wire mesh.

After setting for about a month the formwork is removed and a coat of lime-based sealant is applied to the roofs. Next step will be cobbing the interior of Workshop 3 + 4 with dirt dug from the floor.  Then concrete floor, interior finishes, glass bricks, doors and windows.