solar shower walls

The solar shower is underway!  Rain water from our tank is heated in black plastic tubing and attached to a standard shower head.  The trash bottle and bamboo walls are complete and the earthen walls and floor are almost done. Pretty soon we’ll be bathing with hot water – yay!

And a small garden has been planted as well, with cilantro, rose mary, thai basil, onions and kale on the way.  This garden will eventually be expanded and together with the tree nursery be a vital part of the school – students will learn how to grow food and trees, the veggies will provide snacks and lunches, and the excess harvest will be sold at market to keep admissions fees low.


Work has also been done on the upper retaining wall, which is an important step in transitioning into the primary school classrooms phase. The rammed-earth retaining wall will terrace our steeply sloped site, dividing the vocational and primary school rooms.  Once the wall is complete we’ll be able to call the bulldozer back in and excavate the upper level. This site work should be done by the beginning of 2011, allowing us to dive into the Earthbag classrooms.

We’ve been continuing to work on the finishes of the Vocational Workshops.  The patio was dug down to the sub-floor level and cobbing is underway in Workshop 3 +4.  Still to come is the West Bodega roof, the Central Bodega, and more glass bricks on the facade.

retaining wal

digging patio