And just like that, dry season, is upon us. Wet, cloudy, moist weather has given way to sunny, hot and dry weather. This is great for moving the construction forward so we’re energized here at the school.  Recently we’ve completed the retaining wall buttress which puts us one step closer to building the Earthbag classrooms.


Buttress ready to support the retaining wall.


Cobbing and electrical wiring is almost complete in Workshops 3 +4, and once finished the walls and floor will be prepped and ready for finishes.  Up next we’ll be diving back into glass bricks and filling in the facade under the arch @ Workshops 3+4.  We’re looking forward to transitioning to working on the retaining wall and getting ready for classrooms in 2011.  And, the dry-composting latrine is also yet to come.

With all this sun and school winding down for a 2 month break we’ve had the opportunity to do some fun projects with the community students.  Last week 20 students from our partner school spent the morning painting tire “flowers”. One way to teach kids about the alternative uses for waste materials is to repurpose trash as art.


such natural painters!


The sidewall of the tire is a byproduct of the cut tires we use in the school walls where a full tire wont fit.  So we decided to turn these tire leftovers into a sculptural tire garden with the help of the Técnico Maya students.  With lots of volunteers and our own artist-in-residence on hand this experimental project exceeded all our expectations.  After a creative morning of painting all the students flew their homemade kites and explored the site of their new school-to-be.


tire art at the entrance


And last but not least, the solar shower is up and running.  The shower area is inviting and relaxing, the water is hot, and we are a little cleaner!


shower time