window forms in workshop 3+4

With great weather the past few weeks we’ve been moving along with the finishes and sealing the end wall of Workshop 3+4.  We refined the end wall design and added in more glass bricks to make the space under the arched roof feel more open from the inside of the workshop.  A layer of terra-crete (cement stabilized dirt) was laid on top of the bond beam and then a layer of glass bricks and cob.

Glass bricks from inside

We collected lots of glass bottles from bars and restaurants in Antigua and glass brick production has been full steam ahead.  Having lots of volunteers on hand has been a big help in moving the glass bricks along.  Once the window forms are poured we’ll begin laying the glass bricks, bringing lots of glass and color to the Workshop facade.

Glass bottle skylights

The West Bodega roof is also ready to be poured.  The form work consisted of: metal mesh, woven sacks dipped in watery cement, a mud layer, and a final layer of metal mesh.  The glass bottle skylights get tied directly into the metal mesh.  Materials for the patio roof have been prepped and the roof should be up in a week or so.  Metal channels will be welded together for rafters and purlins, and corrugated panels of dense cardboard attached on top.  The patio roof will allow us to use the patio as an outdoor classroom, extending the interior space of the workshops.

Hauling tires the fun way

A large group of university students from Antigua volunteered for part of the day.  They helped move large tires, fix ruts in the road, make glass bricks and cob the exterior of the workshops.  They brought trash and glass bottles with them as a donation and then put them directly to use.

Universidad Rafael Landívar

The trash bottles filled the gaps between the tires before throwing the cob, and the glass bottles were cut and made into glass bricks for the end wall.  // Don’t forget to  VOTE for LWH in the World Challenge 2010, voting is open until midnight Nov 12!