roof from entrance

The West bodega is now also roofed! For a description of the formwork see the Bottles and Cob post below . . . With a team of 20 the thin shell concrete roof was poured in just a few hours. After the concrete has set for a few weeks a layer of cement based finish will be applied, and then a waterproofing material.  The vocational complex envelope is now complete, except for the central bodega, which will be finished in January 2011. Interior finishes are all that’s left before the second two workshops and bodega can be fully occupied.

looking east

A drainage project has also been completed to better deal with the site’s surface water. Surface water from the patio and driveway are now directed into a new drain that then sends the water to a cement-lined canal running just south of the lower retaining wall. This strategy will move excess water away quicker as well as improve the way it leaves our property.

warm toned colors

We’ve been experimenting with different colored bottles at the solar shower. While blue, green and clear glass bottles look great we were eager to bring in some new colors.  By gluing colored plastic films to the bottom of cut bottles we’ve been able to achieve warm colors that are normally hard to come by – red, yellow, orange, peach and purple! We used the shower as the testing ground, and found that with some improvement in gluing technique the plastic film method could definitely work.

Up next, the dry-composting latrine . . .