rafters and purlins

The patio has a roof! After many months of waiting we have finally erected the patio roof in front of Workshop 1 + 2. The patio area will be an extension of the interior workshop space where dirty or large scale work will take place.  Roofing the patio means this area will be functional year round – in bright sun and heavy rain. This roof will also aid the concrete roofs in harvesting rain water

Metal “C” channels, or costaneras, were joined together to form the roof rafters and purlins.  These structural members rest on the bond beam that runs across the facade of the building and columns on the edge of the patio.  All connections were welded.  Corrugated roof panels were then attached with long metal hooks.  A metal canal was attached on the south side to catch rain water and will eventually connect to pvc tubing to send the water to the cistern.

hoisting roof panels

The roof was designed to withstand static and wind loads while also create a pleasant outdoor space for working and socializing. During the day the majority of the patio is in shade, but the roof is high enough that some sun still gets in. Maintaining the workshop’s relationship with the beautiful view was also a design priority.

With 40 or so college volunteers arriving in a few weeks having a large shaded area will be very beneficial.  And as the daytime temperatures continue to increase having more outdoor workspace protected the blistering sun will really help us keep things moving. Not to mention the patio makes an excellent space for corn hole!

el techo