tying the rebar

2011 begins, and the Escuela Técnico Maya has been under construction for a year and half!  The next year is sure to bring lots of great activity and progress at the school.  In January 2012 the school will open to a small group of students and teachers while construction of the remaining buildings continues. In the first few weeks of this year much work was done on the composting toilet – slab poured and retaining wall advanced.  Next up will be the walls!

jordan of GW


Students from GW and U.Illinois worked hard in January to move lots of different projects forward.  Not only did they completely clean and organize all of the site they cobbed, excavated, tamped, packed tires, packed trash bottles, waterproofed grates, dismantledd form work, poured a concrete slab and washed dogs! Thank you again for all your hard work.

beginnings of a room

The Center Bodega will be a storage room for two workshops and is underway.  Two curved rammed-earth walls span between the existing workshop walls. Once the center bodega’s roof is poured the entire envelope of the Vocational school will be complete.

awning = pestaña

The recently poured roofs are have been cleaned and prepped for a layer of plaster and waterproofing paint – that’s the green color.  Awnings have also been added to protect the tire walls from rain and direct the heavy rains into the water tank.