Over the last two months the 4-stall composting toilet house has really taken shape. The rest of the concrete bason was poured and the eco-brick  (trash bottle) partitions are up and roofed.  The majority of the framing employs bamboo, which comes from the Guatemalan coastal region.  Bamboo is cheaper than dimensional lumber but requires intricate joining work, seen above.  This type of wall system will also be used at the school’s library, likely with a beefier framing system.  Members of the Comalapa community as well as LWH volunteers created these trash-filled bottles.

This corner of the site is now completely transformed. Once the toilet house is finished it will serve all staff, volunteers and groups over the next year until the primary school toilets are built. When the vocational workshops open this will be dedicated toilet house for the lower level of the school.

Not only is this toilet house and functional and ecological, its beautiful. The team built an original concrete and glass bottle spiraling column that demonstrates how gorgeous reused materials can look – it also supports the toilet roof.

The bamboo roof framing is seen going up here, and now from a distance there is clearly a new building at the Escuela Técnico Maya!