finished bottle wall

The Center Bodega is the last remaining room to be built in the Vocational School, aka Vo-Tech 1 and Vo-Tech 2. The Center Bodega is a storage room shared by two of the workshops and is the middle anchor point for the two mirrored sides of the building.  Earlier this year the South and North tire walls were built and recently the glass bottle wall was completed, seen above.  Eventually there will be two pilas (sinks) on either side of the stacked tires that Bryan and Adam are standing on.

can buttress

This butress supports the back tire wall and now ties into a rafter above.  It was one of LWH’s first experiments with aluminum cans. Next the crew began forming the bond beam and rafter that will tie the walls to the roof.

formwork for concrete

That formwork for the concrete is seen here, with pieces of steel left to later tie into the roof. The roof is  going to be a vaulted shape like the other workshops but slightly taller to allow us to fit a storage loft underneath.