shiny new latrine

Basin, walls, roof . . . and the composting toilet is in use! (For now, just one of four stalls).  The new toilet house looks great and everyone is enjoying our latest “luxury” : proper toilet seat, locking door, less odors, and soon fertilizer for the school’s gardens. Plus, stay tuned for a new mural coming to this blank white space.

erecting roof

In March the corrugated roof panels were attached to the bamboo trusses.  The roof is also set up to collect rain water and store it in the large cistern. Here you can see how well the toilet house is integrated into the steeply sloping site and the adjecent garden terraces.

yves and rapello

Volunteer Yves applying interior finishes to cover trash bottle walls. Yes, we always have this much fun. LWH also cast their own concrete toilet seat to separate dry and liquid wastes, that then gets covered with a standard plastc seat with cover.

can urinal

And so no one feels left out an aluminum can and cement mortar urinal, built by Danny. This stall is not open for use yet, but soon.  All the urine that is diverted from the dry basin is collected separately and also makes good fertilizer for the gardens whin diluted with water.

future home of gardens

Just beyond the new toilet house the garden terraces are really taking shape. Our new crew, along with lots of volunteers, have been transforming this formerly untamed area into spacious growing areas, similar to the garden at Parque Chimiya. The tire retaining walls, or muros de contencion, also serve to control surface water and aid in drainage and overall water management. Pretty soon we’ll be getting the first seeds in the ground, aided by our organic homemade fertilizer.