formwork going up

With the Center Bodega’s bond beam and girder complete the roof is starting to take shape. First long pieces of rebar were bent to create the arched shape, and then held in place with rebar going in the opposite direction. This rebar grid was then covered with long pieces of chicken wire (sedazo) to create a light frame work. A final layer of chicken wire was then fastened to the inside.

mix begins to cover mesh

A (3:1) mix of sand and cement  was then applied by hand to cover the outside of the mesh. Fiberglass shards were also added to increase the mix’s strenth. Once this layer dries it will serve as a rigid formwork for the the subsequent concrete layer.

final roof profile

At the left you can see that the center bodega roof is taller than the workshop roofs. This is because there will be a second strory loft used for storage. You will only be able to enter this space from the back of the building.  Building a second story and using a different formworks system for the roof has allowed the construction team to experiment with new techniques and methods that complement the methods already used.